Reflection on Media and HSI

HSI is soon to end and I am to say goodbye to my friends who I’ve only known less than a month. I do feel we shall meet again, but it pains me to see them all go. In this multi-media class I have learned man y things, and have bonded with my classmates, and enjoyed the curriculum. I feel I have become more media literate, finding knowledge in media. Including social media, how the media affects people’s self-image, photography, and much more. I feel I truly have met the goal of seeing through the media, but not butchering it with my opinions. In my science class of Digital Art I learn many things about coding, scripting, and being creative. Sometimes, boredom can lead to other ideas. I have had many favorite memories, from just being with friends, to bowling with Chris and Shay, to cleaning out roller skates to help the people there (pretzel was very dry that day).

 There are so many memories and great times I had, I could probably write a novel about my experiences. I feel I’ve grown as a person, by learning somethings are different, or someone might disagree with me on a matter, but that is okay. People are different and we must accept that to excel ourselves and our society. I also have bonded with others more. At my school, most people don’t have the same interests as me, but I have met about 80 people I can enjoy and have a wonderful conversation with. Truly, I wouldn’t relive HSI differently, for each experience is how it was the first time, and it would have been a fun experience no matter what I did. There were some people who I could have talked to a little more, and I should have let Keaton see his prized world cup. There are so many memories to tell my friends and family, in fact, they might not want to hear everything out of jealousy, or the fact that they can’t get me to stop talking about it.

My Flickr Album Here is an album with some of the many pictures.Gang

Sterotypes in the Media

In today’s media there are all types of races and different types of people. Wether they are actors, models, or musicians, they play a large roll in our media in entertainment, usually regardless of their race. But take a step back to early American T.V, where stereotypes were everywhere. In the T.V show I Love Lucy, having the stereotype of having women not being good at jobs, and the men didn’t know anything about keeping the house tidy. This was (and is) considered humerus for both men and women. It wasn’t really against all women saying they couldn’t have paid jobs, just look at the Rosy the Riveter posters that show how women stepped up when all of the men were out fighting in the war. Nowadays women have the same jobs as men do, and can join the military and do many other things men can do. There sadly is still a pay gap between women and men, but overall, women are in the same shoes men are when it comes to work.

However, gender stereotypes can be jokingly thrown around, but the african-american and black stereotypes in early T.V were horrendous. Mostly in animated cartoons, african-americans were portrayed with large red lips, appetites for stereotypical food, strong racial accents, playing jazz and swing music (not really a bad stereotype), and many others. I don’t think anyone can deny that these cartoons would be unacceptable in today’s media, and wouldn’t make it to T.V. Racial stereotypes still do exist, but they are much more mild and not nearly as offensive.

Most stereotypes are offensive, and hurtful, and as media evolved we stopped using these stereotypes. Many racial cartoons can still be seen on YouTube, but it always says before the videos how this is wrong, and it was something from an earlier time. Gladly, we have gone away from these stereotypes and are a better society.

An example of a racial cartoon.

Multitasking and Media

media overload

In this day and age, there is a lot of things needing to be done. Many people, mostly teens, will do multiple things with their phones, laptops, social media, and other technological outlets. Are these habits bad for people with their studies, brain growth, and may cause many other problems? Or is this just another fad in our technological world where we will be doing multiple things and it will all be functional? High school wise, most teachers will ban cell phones in their classroom, for they are a major distraction, and you won’t pay attention to the lesson. This I agree with because everyone at that age won’t use their phones for good use and only use them as a major distraction.

Some classes like Algebra might require a calculator, and it is cheaper to get a calculator app, instead of an actual calculator, so my math teacher allows phones in those classes. The problem, however, is that students will be doing other things on the internet. Many studies have shown that music while studying can help with memory and creativity. Most studies show that multitasking can work in the same way, but ultimately is another distraction. When outside of school, I find myself playing video games, listen/watching a video on YouTube (usually knowledgable), checking my emails, and social medias. I don’t find a problem with this, I see that I am listening to something somewhat intelligent while I play my video games. I don’t text very much and will defiantly not do it during class. I multitask with my spare time, and feel it is a major distraction during school, and it should wait until after class. At my school, I feel the rules will be the same, no phones during class. College however, shows students multitasking, and it works for most of them. Truly, you should focus during class, and shouldn’t be treading and googling during a time you need to focus.

quoting media

The Mooks and Midriffs

MTV moon

Back in 2001, when MTV was king, mooks and midriffs were everywhere on T.V. Essentially, a mook is a boy who likes the over masculinity and being an obnousious, attention grabbing boy. A midriff is usually a teenage girl over sexualizing herself to get attention and a place on media outlets. These stereotypes, get viewers easily, appealing to the normalities of each gender. MTV is seen as one of the first T.V shows to show these programs, and sort of invented it. Of course, young boys have always been attracted to violence and action, and girls have been attracted to the glamour and the notion to look beautiful, but MTV took it the step further by showing these programs.

MTV, even though they are far out of the limelight, not even having music TV anymore, definitely influenced other T.V networks and showed the ways to get the young audience. Because of this, our media today shows the over sexualized females, and the obnoxious males. It has definitely spread out, but these types of stereotypes are still relevant in our media. Truly, MTV did make the right choice to become one of the top dogs on the T.V market, even if their ladder has a few less rungs than when they were in their prime. Overall, MTV did make a revolution in media, showing T.V networks what the audience truly likes.

The Truth of the Like

conectionsToday’s teenagers tell everything about themselves on the internet. From Facebook, Tumblr, Instragram, Youtube, the list can go on and on. With so many medias we must ask, is it all too much? Are we selling ourselves out by putting all of our interests and getting a self-esteem boost by a simple button press? Yes and no.

We can go over the top, but for the most part we are being harmless with our liking and sharing. With social media we can define ourselves and tell the world what we like, and who we are. This gets us attention, and almost everyone craves attention. Whether is it attention from friends, or attention from people you don’t even know, people on the internet strive for attention. This attention is a self-esteem boost, and can make you feel better. It can also make you and corporations money…

As of recently, many people and companies realize how easy it is to advertise through the people. People want to show what they like, by liking, sharing, tweeting and rebloging. They use this to advertise products, and as such it has become part of the norm. You will log on to a website and see advertisements all the time. Many companies will have collaborations with others, like when Halo and Mountain Dew had a Double Experience event, and they sold more products. My doing this they can sell more products, but now the people can advertise for you. By liking something, you tell others that you like that thing, and help sell and advertise the product for free. By doing this companies can use this to advertise, and expand.

Personally, I think this is okay, because the people who advertise these products, enjoy these products and do it willingly. They can become more popular, and enjoy doing so. This setup doesn’t hinder anyone and will probably stay in our online lives for many years to come.

Haden Grandy Interview

“Friends are one of the most valuable thing in the world,” says Haden Grandy. “They teach you lessons, they make you laugh, make you smile, make you feel good about yourself.”

Haden Grandy, a reserved person, tells how friends are important to him, and is something everyone needs.

“I got involved because of their push, I was always in my room, doin’ my own thing, and they would call and text me, I would usually tell them no, but I eventually caved in, and I’m glad that I did.”

Haden would usually do his own thing, spending most of his time by himself, but he thankfully made that push to be with his friends. It can be the simplest of things that can get you with new friends such as similar interests, views, and Wheat Thins.

“I met my best friend, because I had Wheat Thins. Wheat Thins make friends.”

For the most part, Haden would just hang out with friends, not needing any central activity to have fun together. With friends you don’t need to have it be too complex, and that is part of the experience. One of Haden’s greatest memories, is just being with his friends, them wanting to be with you, giving you a feeling of want, a feeling everyone wants to feel at one point of their life.

“When I first started being with people and friends, I tried to break out of my shell, and I had a thick shell, that I’m glad that I got through.”

Sometimes, people need to have space from their friends. Sometimes, Haden’s friends would start to bother him, and he would need space from them.

“If you hang out with your friends enough, they start to annoy you. Sometimes you have to take a break from them, and go back to doing your own thing. Eventually you realize how great they are in your life.  I will still always like to do things with them, and  have fun being around them.”

Haden teaches us that it’s the little things that make a friendship so great, and it doesn’t have to be complex or exciting to have fun with your friends. Sometimes, friends can be bothersome, troubling, or not even be there for us. But as we keep striving for friendship, we become better people, and friends to others.

“As you try to find friends, you discover what you need in a friend. So you become a better person yourself…”

Listen to Haden talk about his friends here:



Media’s Effect on Body Image

In today’s media, it shows “perfect” people living “perfect” lives, with “perfect” diets, “perfect” looks, and overall a “perfect” body. I put perfect in quotations due to how imperfect these perfections are. Media shows the models, celebrities, and other icons as superior people with everything a person needs. Because of this, they make money telling people what they need to do to reach that unimportant hilltop.

Now I’m not saying that making yourself healthier, skinner, or happier is a bad thing, it is just that these ideals are making people feel obsolete and unwanted. That’s not cool. These ideals make people (including myself) at one point of their lives feel obsolete and not attractive. There is enough problems in the world to make people feel depressed, we don’t need icons telling how to have a perfect body, when it truly isn’t perfect. In fact, most models are adjusted in some shape or form to look perfect. Every person has their own natural beauty that they are born with and they adjust or loss that throughout their lives. Making yourself look better, healthier, or stronger is a good thing, but we shouldn’t make people feel like they have to…

This type of media affects everyone from girls/women and boys/men. Most of the magazines affect women, since they are the target demographic, but that still doesn’t mean that it doesn’t affect men. Some men might feel since women make themselves look better, they feel obsolete, and unwanted. Women, especially teenagers and young adults feel obligated to make themselves look a certain way and feel unwanted. Overall, people shouldn’t feel unwanted. They should be proud of who they are, and if they don’t, they should make logical changes, not a change so radical that you lose who you truly are. For “perfect” isn’t truly a star worth reaching,but merely something that looks better faraway…

 CollegeHumor Photoshop Video

drake quote

Censorship: Protective Wall or Something to Hide Behind?

banned-books1In the world there are many things that are considered inappropriate, and should be avoided by people, usually in a certain age group. You wouldn’t take a young child to a violent movie, for it may give them nightmares. You wouldn’t take them to a bar with people drinking and partying, for it may give them a bad influence. For the most part, censorship, for children, is a good thing. Young children shouldn’t be reading books with sexual themes, offensive language, drugs, or major violence. I myself agree with these types of censorship. But most censorship comes from fear of difference. Most books on ban lists have explainable reasons such as foul language, sexually explicit themes, large amounts of violence, and offensive ideas.

But there is a line that crosses into what people believe what is morally right. Most banned books as shown on are banned for offensive language, racist or sexist themes, sexual themes, and not suited for age groups. Even though the Hunger Games are a great books series, they probably shouldn’t be read by a 9-year-old who might get nightmares from violent themes. But, some books are banned for other reasons. For example, the Harry Potter book series was banned for a long time, due to it having witchcraft and it going against most religions. However, when you go as far to say it is a Satanic book, is when you cross the line into ignorance. Many other books are banned for homosexuality, which again is against some major religions. By banning these books, it tells our children that this type of material is like the sexual, violent, age inappropriate material it is on the same lines as, when children should be taught to understand and not judge others. By having these books on the list, it tells children that this sort of thing shouldn’t be accepted. The same thing goes with having different religious viewpoints, saying these are inappropriate, when it is a natural theme of life and is around the world. By banning these books, we are giving the message that these things are wrong, and should be judged.

If we give this message, we will have children who will be judgemental toward people with other beliefs. It is one thing if you disagree with something, but we shouldn’t be raising children to judge others.


Where Do You Get Your News?

newsIn the United States alone we have countless news websites, T.V. shows, and many other ways to get the news. This is most likely due to the Democracy we have in our country, giving everyone a voice, and many project that voice through media. The news media has a responsiblity to tell the listeners what is important, and/or interesting. Many news networks cut short of what is needed to inform, or even entertain the listener. For me, Good Morning America. Good Morning America itself isn’t a bad program, but in my area I only got the “fluff news” telling about celebrities or recipes to try at home. I bet it got into more of political and news affairs at a later time, but it failed to interest me. MSN usually has more celebrity news than current affairs, leading my interests elsewhere. One thing that is important, that Good Morning America does well is entertaining the listener, keeping them tuned, if they are interested in the news they supply.

If a news show doesn’t entice the listener, it won’t get any listeners. I myself watch more comedic shows such as The Conan O’Brien Show, The Colbert Report, and The Young Turks. These shows keep me interested by comedic qualities, while telling me the news. I watch these shows usually on a daily basis, getting the news throughout the week. For me, news is about current affairs, most with a lesson or a need for change, while having comedic elements within. I also lean toward the more Democratic side with politics. In my area, 98% of the people are Republicans, and most don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to politics. Many people currently do not like Barrack Obama as our president, and they can never give me a real answer on why they don’t like him. Because of this, I lean on the other side and listen to more Democratic news. Almost all news shows have a bias, and because of this I have a bias with my news as well. I however do not know too much about politics, so I don’t blast my opinion to others if they don’t agree with me. Many people I talk to about politics and news include my peers, family, and most notably my history teacher in high school. Being a history/political teacher, I feel his opinion is a lot more factual. He is also one of the few Democrats in a sea of Republicans, so his thoughts are a welcomed change of pace. Due to this I do have more of a Democratic opinion, but still do not have enough knowledge to back every decision I have. Overall, you should have some kind of news outlet, and understand something before talking about it.

Social Media: Where to draw the line.

social mediasToday in multi-media it was brought up how us as teens are on the internet and our social media sites for a long time. About 95% of teens use the internet and 87% use it on their phones! The question is if this is too much online interaction for us. I myself check Facebook and instagram several times a day, as well as my own personal email. I do this to keep up with the many people I have met and communicate with them so we can do some activities together. I didn’t even tell my parents when I got a Facebook, so they didn’t put any restrictions on me. I have classmates who don’t have a Facebook due to the possible problems that could occur. Another question that was brought up was how far should you go on Facebook or other social medias? I put my email address, full name, family, and even pictures of myself. Many people are concerned to have this information at others disposal, and often make it private.

Many college and workplace environments actually look at social medias to see how a person truly acts outside of work. I don’t see a problem with this, but someone shouldn’t get fired for something stupid they posted 5 years ago. I don’t post anything inappropriate because I have family on Facebook or instagram. Some people are also concerned about being stalked online, but I feel that I don’t have anyone to worry about, or anything worth stalking. Overall, social media is a big thing in our teenage lives and something we should be cautious of, but not worried.